Professional Counseling for Individuals and Couples

About My Practice


I provide a wide range of therapeutic services utilizing evidence based practices.  While I especially enjoy helping couples, I have extensive experience in providing help to individuals of all ages.  Click below to read more about my counseling philosophy.


I have extensive experience in helping others.  In fact, I have over 20 thousand hours, across 30 years of practice to draw from.  I am a university professor and program chair, as well as the associate editor and co-author of the Encyclopedia of Mental Health and Mental Disorders.  Click below to learn more about my experiences.

Tess & Dr. V

Meet Tess, my therapy dog in training.  Tess is a rescue from Puerto Rico currently in training to become my therapeutic companion.  The link below will take you to my blog "Tess & Dr. V" where you can read about her development, what I am learning about animal assisted therapy and, when appropriate, her work as a helping companion.

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